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TV amplifiers and TV signal boosters are two common solutions for improving television reception in Perth. Both options can help to improve the clarity of the picture, ensuring a better viewing experience.

A TV amplifier is designed to increase the strength of incoming signals from antennas or other sources. It does this by amplifying the signal before it reaches your TV set, boosting weak signals for a clearer picture. This is an ideal solution if you have poor reception due to physical obstructions such as hills or buildings blocking signals from reaching your location.

Masthead TV antenna installation service Perth.
Masthead TV antenna installation service Perth.

A TV signal booster is designed to extend and strengthen existing signals in order to reach further away areas such as attics or basements that may not be receiving strong enough signals.

Both TV amplifiers and TV boosters are the same things. In the digital antenna services industry, these words are interchanged. They are both gadgets used to boost or amplify your TV reception and signal.

When is TV Signal Boosting Needed?

TV signal boosting is needed in Perth:

  1. When your antenna is far from TV transmission towers.
  2. If your TV picture is ghosting because there are big buildings nearby that are bouncing TV signals.
  3. Illegal TV frequency transmissions from electrical and electronic equipment in Perth can cause poor TV picture quality. Boosting TV signals can overwhelm interference and therefore improve TV picture quality in Perth.
  4. When your TV antenna is in a valley surrounded by high hills.
  5. A combination of the above.

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