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What is MATV?

MATV, Master Antenna TV, is one antenna for many TVs such as for an apartment block or mine site accommodation.

Commercial MATV Systems

Telewest TV Network services business in Perth Western Australia can assist you with the design, MATV installation and maintenance of your MATV Systems in Perth and remote WA sites.

If you need a full MATV system installed in a new development or redevelopment, phone the MATV experts at Telewest. We can design the complete commercial TV system solution for your building. Provide you with technical drawings and associated costings for a low price quote on a new MATV commercial TV aerial system in Perth/Western Australia.

If you want to add to an existing MATV system, TeleWest experts can help you with that too, We’ll provide new drawings to show existing and new addition (add on) networks, along with price quotations for all necessary and required products, and also associated commercial TV system installation costs in Perth.

The range of Headends we install are available as both Channel Convertors and Channel Processors, so if you need to ‘up’ or ‘down’ convert your channels, we can install a Headend to do this for you, OR if you just want to process your local channel collection, we can install a ‘Processor’ Headend to do this for you too.


In both cases, you can be assured of a versatile, well balanced, RF distribution Headend that will offer you a high performance and low maintenance commercial TV system in Perth with exceptional quality assurance.

The MATV ‘Network’ design is critical to the overall performance of the entire TV system.

Telewest can design and install a new MATV Network, or upgrade an older network to incorporate today’s newer technologies including HFC Fibre Transmitters and Receivers which Telewest can design and install in Perth/WA for you and your TV network.

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Phone us today about your MATV system and requirements and all your commercial TV aerial needs in Perth.

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