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Please find below our most popular Antenna range and their associated install pricing.

We have a mixed range of both metro and fringe area Antennas.  Antennas to suit a lower budget, and Antennas that are the best that money can buy.

Our range includes Australian made Antennas from Australia’s leading and best in class Antenna manufacturer.

Each Antenna below has a Replacement only price (*) and a Full install price (**) which includes a new mount, Lead in cable and replacement or new Splitter.

Prices are based on a single storey home with standard mountings, roofs requiring a non standard installation will be discussed and priced on site.


VHF – Band 3, Channels 6 to 12 Gain 11.5dB, Length 655mm, Width 850mm


VHF/UHF – Band 3&4,  Chan 6 to 12 & 28 to 35 Gain 12dB, Length 1100mm, Width 865mm

TRU Band Metro (Silver bullet)

VHF/UHF – Band 3&4,  Chan 6 to 12 & 28 to 35 Gain 8/9dB, Length 1000mm, width 750mm

TRU Band Plus (Black Arrow)

VHF/UHF – Band 3&4,  Chan 6 to 12 & 28 to 35 Gain 9/10dB, Length 1200mm, width 850mm

TRU Spec TSP2851

UHF – Band 4&5,  Chan 28 to 51 Gain 9-14dB, Boom Length 1155mm


VHF – Band 3,  Chan 6 to 12, Gain 16dB, Length 2035mm, width 900mm, height 600mm

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