Residential TV Antennas

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Residential TV Antennas

Telewest Antenna Services can help you with all of your home TV antenna systems.

Below are a few of the most popular services we offer:

  • New and replacement TV Antenna installations
  • Product/system upgrades (to Comply with today’s Digital Standard)
  • Extra TV Points
  • Extra PAY-TV Points
  • System Health Check / Service Calls
  • TV wall Mounting
  • ANY AV source (DVD/Blueray/ PAY-TV/PC etc.) Modulated to ALL TV’s around the home

Antennas & Products: We carry a range of products from Top of the range Antennas from the Leading Designers & Manufacturers to the more lower priced variations, as a result, we can supply and fit a NEW Antenna system and associated products to ALL Budgets.


IMPORTANT Digital Note:

Viewers of Free To Air Television in ALL of Australia should be aware that there is and has been a DIGITAL TV STANDARD in place for ALL of Australia since the Digital TV switchover in April 2013. This “Standard” specifies which products and types of product are (and are not) “COMPLIANT” with the Digital TV Standard as documented by the Australian ACMA authority.

This compliance means that ALL Products which include your Antenna, Amplifiers, Cabling, Splitters, Wall plates, and even Fly Leads, MUST meet the Digital Compliance Standard.

If ANY of the above products are NON Digital compliant products, they should be upgraded to today’s standards to ensure a safe and Digital compliant system at your home.

Contact us at Telewest to discuss a “System Health Check” of your Antenna system.

system-health-check     antennas

*$75 System Check fee is 100% FULLY Credited, against any work that you choose to proceed with during the check visit.